Tip: Please copy and paste review from Google to Facebook, Soundbetter and LinkedIn 

1. Click "write a review” in the bottom left corner

2. Add stars for rating

3. Make a comment or longer review if you have time

4. Click "POST" button


1. Find the "Would you recommend Aston Fearon..." section

2. Click blue "Yes" button

3. Paste review into text box

4. Make sure dropdown menu on bottom right hand corner is set to public

5. Click "Done" button

1. Go down to "Reviews" section

2. Click "Endorse Aston Fearon"

3. Add stars for rating

4. Paste review into text box

5. Click "Submit Endorsement" button

    [only works for connections]

1. Under my photo, click the "More..." button

2. Click "Recommend"

3. Select appropriate options from dropdown menus

4. Paste review into text box

5. Click "Send"