You might be an independent artist, band or record label looking to release your latest single, EP or album. The songs that you release into the world could be around for a long time to come. Id imagine you want your music to go the distance and create a lasting impression with the story that you sharing. I use the best of analogue and digital technology in order to facilitate the music of creators like yourself. Recorded music I have mixed has been distributed to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and played on BBC Radio.


I have facility to record your music at a number of recording studios in the Midlands. I take care of booking the studio making sure it has the right atmosphere, amenities, location and technical requirements, all within your budget- so that you can focus on creativity and performing your songs. 


As well as recording I can also mix your music. Even if I haven't been involved in the recording process though, you can send your raw audio files to me securely to mix, making them sound great so that the songs themselves can shine. Once mixed and mastered; they will be ready for professional release and distribution.


I've written two short guides to help artists and bands like yourselves. One is to help prepare for the recording studio to get results you're proud of. The other is on how to best prepare your files for the mixing process. If you want to receive a FREE copy click one of the buttons below to request one.

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